Prois Custom Binoculars

B.3: 8X30-$600  / 10X30-$630 
B.2: 9X45-$1150 / 11X45-$1200

This custom build comes to you courtesy of our friends at Prois.

From Prois...

Prois isn't just a brand, it's a lifestyle. By choosing Prois gear you've shown the world that you do not accept the status quo and you won't cut corners to reach your goals. Our partnership with Maven allows you to take that independent attitude a step further with superior optics, customized for the Prois family. In addition to getting fantastic optics in a unique Prois design, 10% of all sales will go to support the National Wild Turkey Federation. Just another way that Prois and Maven are giving back.

The Prois custom build will arrive at your doorstep three weeks after you place your order unless you decide to expedite the shipping. Either way, we promise they are worth the wait.

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