LMS Custom Design B.3 Compact Binocular

8X30 / 10X30

This custom build comes to you courtesy of our friends at LittleMovingSpaces.com.

Says Megan...

I first was introduced to Maven in the Dolomites of Italy on a backpacking trip with old dear friends. On the first night atop an outcropping overlooking our first stop and the route we had just taken,  my friend Allan reaches into his backpack and pulls out a pair of these (his own orange version). Allan can always be trusted to find the coolest and most compact gear out there. And the Maven’s wowed me. If binos were a diamond, these would get off the chart ratings for cut, color and clarity. Now add a little pink and camo, and what’s not to love?

The LMS custom build will arrive at your doorstep three to four weeks after you place your order unless you decide to expedite the shipping. Either way, we promise they are worth the wait.

See specs here...

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