Kanpai Beer Mug

We've spent a considerable amount of time in Japan.  And while there we've always enjoyed the small, local watering holes that offer up their Kirin in perfect, hand-made mugs.  So it made total sense to ask a local potter, and Lander is home to some of the best in the country, if we could have some of our own made to bring a little bit of that perfection to the Maven crowd.

Each of these salt-fired mugs is unique and stamped with the Flying M Maven brand.  Our friend and master potter, Deb Britt, created something beautiful that you just don't see every day.  So have one on us this Friday afternoon.  Kanpai! 

- Holds one beer
- Each mug is unique and sold separately
- If ordering more than one, indicate in the notes if you'd prefer they are similar.  Otherwise we will assume you're cool that way and don't really care.

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